Fundraiser in support of free art classes for all ages in Hawaii

Paint for Your Soul is looking for support to keep art programs in Hawaii. Our vision is to bring free art programs within our public schools, hospitals, retirement/nursing homes and special institutions. My goal is to enrich the souls of all ages with inspiration and creativity.
Art as an outlet for our elders and patients, enhances cognitive function. Art therapy promotes both psychological and physiological healing. Exercising our creative selves enhances the quality of life and nurtures overall well being. Art is essential to the human spirit; reducing depression and anxiety , both often symptomatic of chronic disease and genetic disorders.
In recent years, our public schools have shifted focus towards common core subjects; but what about art? The developmental benefits of art, for children, enhances motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness and improved academic performance.
We at “Paint For The Soul” strongly believe that art is fundamental to the development of a child’s imagination. One cannot create or achieve anything unless they’ve imagined it first.

All funding provided will be used for establishing the company as a nonprofit organization, all new art supplies, and equipment. From there we will be able to peruse the journey for free art programs within public schools, hospitals, retirement/nursing homes and special institutions.
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