Painting Classes For Everyone

We are a unique paint company that is passionate about bringing out the best creative spirits out in each individual, no matter the age or the environment. Our philosophy is to create therapeutic, educational, self improvement ways to enrich the soul.

Design your own painting designed just for your party, invite your guest and show up. We provide all painting materials set up, instruction and clean up.

Art Therapy - Art can heal what ails. We offer specialized sessions targeted for healing. Hospitals, retirement homes, self-improvement and overall well-being.

Education - For the keiki, we offer paint and create mobile art classes for schools, homeschooling, We strive to keep Hawaii's children creating and stimulated with art.

Team Building- Painting in a team environment strengthens team bonds and builds interpersonal relationships. Each team member gets to express their own creative spin while increasing, listening skills and productivity in a fun environment.

Private Parties - Having a celebration? We offer many options including birthday parties, girls/guys night out, bridal showers, baby showers or just for because. Keiki, adult and ohana packages available.

Private Sessions - Just want some time to yourself, date night or family time with an instructor guiding you? Many options available.

Sign it, own it, love it and take it home!

You will be guided step by step in a creative atmosphere. All classes included customized paintings based on what inspires your group. Techniques and styles are based on each painter's individual styles. All supplies are included.

Private Parties

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$30 person


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Large Parties

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Meet your artist

Gwenaelle is the owner and artist. She was born in Fiji and grew up in Hawaii and has always been encompassed by art. She describes herself as an island girl at heart. Living in Hawaii, she is inspired by all the natural beauty that she is surrounded by and strives to share her inspiration with others to bring out their inner artist. She has a natural passion for teaching others. Gwenaelle believes that everyone is an artist and with guidance it can bring many benefits such as stress and therapeutic relief, technique and advancement of the arts.